The Kamloops Symphony Music School is now reopen to limited in-person lessons.  All students, parents, guardians, faculty and staff must adhere to the following policies:

COVID-19 Safety Plan for
Kamloops Symphony Operations

Version 1.0
Effective May 26, 2020

Kamloops Symphony Music School Students & Guardians:

This policy covers the Kamloops Symphony Music School at #4 & #5-510 Lorne Street, Kamloops.

This plan will be subject to change as we monitor risks.   All health and safety concerns should be directed immediately to the Executive Director.  

Basic Guidelines and Stay Home Policy-

WorkSafeBC guidelines have been posted for staff, students, and visitors and must be adhered to. A stay home policy has been implemented for all teachers, students, and office staff who may feel ill.   

If you begin to feel ill while on our premises, please report to faculty or staff immediately, wash your hands, and isolate.  Go straight home, if able. If not, have someone call 911 immediately.  All areas that an ill person comes in contact with will be immediately disinfected, using precaution and proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

A reminder, anyone directed by public health to self-isolate, or anyone who has arrived outside of Canada or has been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 must self-isolate, and should not be physically present at the Music School.

In some cases, lessons will continue by zoom as identified by the Executive Director in discussions with the teacher.

Entry points and waiting area-

We have established and posted an occupancy limit for our premises.   To avoid reaching this maximum capacity, please remain outside the premises until your lesson is scheduled and wait for your teacher to call you in to your lesson (weather permitting). For all lessons scheduled in the large studio, we recommend students enter using the door immediately leading into the studio rather than travelling through the waiting room (again, weather permitting).

Should you wish to enter the building before a lesson, no more than three people in the waiting area at one time.

In the waiting room, please ensure you follow dedicated physical distancing rules. Two (2) metres of distance must always be maintained between individuals from different households. 

It is encouraged that only one guardian accompanies a student to a lesson, if possible. Should a family be present, please ensure there is only one family per side within the common waiting area to allow for these distances to be easily maintained. Be considerate of teachers and students entering and exiting studios. 

At this time, the books, magazines, and table have been removed from the waiting area to exclude a common touch point. These will be returned when it is safe to do so.

All other common touch points (such as chair arms, door handles, light switches, etc.) will be sanitized throughout the day as staffing permits and as per WorkSafeBC advice.

Common Touch Points within the studio and waiting areas include

  1. Door handles
  2. Light switches
  3. Washroom fixtures
  4. Chair arms in waiting area
  5. Shared instruments and stands


All studios used for lessons must allow for a distance of at least two meters between teacher and student. As such, the Kamloops Symphony administration will make every effort to schedule lessons in the large studio when possible, particularly if this is not an option within your typically used studio.

We ask that only the student and the teacher be present in the room for the duration of the lesson, and that this physical distance be maintained as much as possible throughout the lesson.

The faculty and staff will be cleaning and sanitizing all commonly touched surfaces between lessons.


The Kamloops Symphony administration will ensure that the bathrooms have all handles and touchpoints wiped down throughout the day, and thorough professional cleaning will take place every week.  However, office staff is not available to do this evenings or Saturdays so please ensure you remain diligent as well for the safety of yourself and others.


The kitchen remains for exclusive staff and faculty use.  


In general, the office will be open Monday to Thursday, 1 to 5 pm. Students, guardians, and teachers entering the office must ensure that they can maintain physical distancing measures.   If necessary, knock on the door and another arrangement can be made. The office is presently taking credit card payments over the phone during opening hours.  However, we will take other measures to allow other payment methods, as well as registration for the upcoming new sessions.